30 + Common Work from Home Problems & How to Fix Them

May 26, 2020 Janet  36 Comments


Well, I did my due diligence and spoke to a lot of people and did an online survey also. The problems came from all of the research. There were about 50 problems. However some of them were repetitious of others. So, i combined a few of the problems. That is how I came up with a bit over thirty.


So here we are in 2020, Who would have Ever thought that this year would be this way! I mean think back to five years ago or last year even, did you say, “in 2020, I am going to be on a basic lock down or quarantine from a pandemic?” Did anyone think that we would be coming to a screeching halt? Besides the preppers that is or maybe some secret society or government official.

Anyway, I digress, here we are with thousands of Americans working from home. When they used to go to an office. There are benefits of working from home and there are problems of working from home. Today, I am going to begin a multi-part blog that discusses the problems of working from home.


So, I am going to begin with the problems. Then you will see part of the answers on this Blog. Then I will finish it in either another one or possibly two more blogs.

After this is all done, I am going to show you some of the perks of working from home. There are perks, once you have all the kinks worked out.

30 + Common Work from Home Problems & How to Fix Them

1.   Kids

2.   Pets

3.   Spouse

4.   Friends who do not work

5.   Social media

6.   Tv

7.   Swimming pool

8.   Boredom, hard to concentrate on one thing

9.   No breaks

10.               No set schedule for work

11.               No set schedule for home life

12.               The refrigerator, eat too much

13.               Stress

14.               Lack of workspace

15.               Lacking proper equipment 

16.               No double monitor using a laptop and a tv screen

17.               No Fast computer, a laptop

18.               No printer or no good printer

19.               Working at a kitchen table or on a tv tray or coffee table

20.               Bad chair

21.               No desk phone, using my personal cell

22.               Slow internet

23.               Work longer hours

24.               Boss thinks I am always available any time, any day

25.               Work “family” wants to always be on zoom to check in and hourly meetings to touch base, health check, make sure we are working

26.               Forget to take breaks, so work goes quicker and less hours being paid for

27.               Not as much exercise

28.               Darker workspace

29.               Lack of filing & storage

30.               Lack of organization

31.               Constant interruptions

32.               Too much Noise, Landscaper noise

33.               Too quiet so I turn on the tv for noise, then distracted

34.               Distracted by chores

35.               Family expectations have increased…you are home, so cook more meals, house clean more, laundry daily, chat, listen, look, etc.…

So, I am going to be adding to this with a second Blog with the replies and answers that people have given me. Everyone was actually very helpful. Please look for it within the next week.

Much Love ~ Momma Janet


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