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  Can you Lessen Trauma with your Ruminations through Calmness? July 16, 2021   Janet     Leave a comment My thoughts… So you may or may not have noticed my absence from writing.  Either way, I get it, everyone is a Blogger, and everyone is a Podcaster now.  Every single major star that is bored for one second this last year or so has taken up a new hobby.  For them it is a hobby, for me it is what I do. How I am attempting to pay my bills and earn my way thru life. Actors, Singers, Bloggers… I mean, not everyone can make millions doing a movie. Or a tv show or singing a bad song (or a good one, lol).  But damn it, show me the money and I will give it my best shot.  Life with a personal trainer, a stylist, etc., who wouldn’t like that?  Oh yes, let’s complain about the paparazzi, shall we?  First when stars are new all they do is chase the paparazzi and try and get their face known.  Then when they get what they want, a majority of them spend the rest of their career running away from