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Where is Sports & America going in My Opinion

  Where is Sports & America going in My Opinion Wow has sports changed in the last year!   Really think about it just about six months ago I was writing about how sports had gone into the “bubble” and how some sports had come to a stop.   We were season ticket holders for the Arizona Diamondbacks and enjoyed it.   Right up until Covid hit. Everything Stopped… Then baseball stopped, the NBA stopped the play-offs, and the entire sports world just went a bit crazy in my opinion.   The NBA came back and finished their season, football kind of played a season, it seemed as if there were a lot of game changes, fines, and cancellations because of covid.   Even golf was affected, think about that, a nearly zero contact sport, affected by covid.   Eleven major events, I believe were cancelled and all four majors were either cancelled or delayed because of it.   I know the Phoenix Open, wasn’t open in 2020, I for one missed it.   So everyone seems to believe that for the most part, t

Do you ever get tired of being Serious? (National Days we can all laugh about)

  Do you ever get tired of being Serious? (National Days we can all laugh about) I was looking for something different, something new to talk about, write about, maybe something about how to laugh more.   As I browsed the news, I saw Covid, Politics, Sports, Courts and Controversy.   But something else kept popping up along with all the truly serious crap.   Yes, I said it like that, but don’t you get tired of reading, hearing, watching all the serious things in life?   I figure people must, otherwise sitcoms would not be so popular. So as I researched something new and different than the same old thing, while I had some good classic rock in my headphones, I kept seeing “National Day”.   The reason that I put it that particular way, is every day is not just one “National Day”.   It is, as I seem to like saying lately a “butt-ton” of different “days all on the same day.   Because Everything, every cause, everyone, needs a day.   And with only 365 days in a year, well you get it, r
  Great Reasons You Should be Working from Home! June 15, 2020  Janet    2 Comments   So, here you are ~  looking for great reasons to be working from home.  Full time, part time, whatever the situation is, and you are not sure if it is great or bad to work from home.  This is what I have found out about working from home by asking questions, doing research and of course my own experience.  Back when I was in the hospitality business as a District Manager, I had a home office where I worked from home regularly. Here are the great reasons to be working from home!  And that is where I was working from home about 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week (after working in my locations for 10+hours). Plus, I worked my 6 th  day and sometimes my 7 th  day of every week in my home office catching up paperwork, having meetings with uplines and downlines via video conferencing.  Well now I work from home, for the last 8+ years.  I do have experience and know a lot of the ins and outs of what it t
  30 + Common Work from Home Problems & How to Fix Them (pt2) May 31, 2020  Janet    19 Comments   Kids  ~ Depending on the age of your kids the rules change a bit! Remember, you cannot always pick a fight over every little thing. Choose your battles wisely. A . If they are young, hopefully you have help with them. If you do not, set up playpen, play space in a spot nearby. Where you can keep an ear open for them and peek in on them. Set them up on their regular schedule. Use a baby monitor. Here is a cheap way to use a video baby monitor. Take a couple of older smart phones that you no longer use. There are tons of Apps you can download! CNet & Alfred are just two of them. When you have your two phones, put one in the room with the child as the camera. Then the other phone in with you as the monitor. BTW*** This tip works great for keeping older kids focused on homework or any task you have them doing also! B . If they are school age, make them get up, eat breakfast, a